Tenants Insurance

PEI Tenants Insurance Unbelievably Affordable!

PEI Tenants Insurance Unbelievably Affordable!

Thought you were covered by your landlord’s insurance on Prince Edward Island? Think again. You’ll need Prince Edward Island tenants insurance from Peake & McInnis LTD. to protect your belongings from perils like theft, vandalism, fire, and falling objects the minute you begin renting. According to recent estimates, nearly two-thirds people who rent apartments are uninsured for their contents or for any liability arising out of their tenancy. Don’t be a statistic – whether your in Montague, Oleary, Alberton , Souris, Summerside , Charlottetown or anywhere in between get a PEI tenants insurance policy from Peake & McInnis LTD and get covered today!

Prince Edward Island Tenants insurance From Peake & McInnis LTD. assures you that you're protected against the damage or loss of personal property when you rent an apartment or house. Your landlord may have insurance that protects the physical building in which you reside, but this insurance will not cover your personal property. In fact, it's not at all uncommon for landlords to require the purchase of Tenants insurance prior to renting or leasing to you.

Personal Liability Insurance on PEI Tenants Policy worth the Cost of policy!

Not only will Prince Edward Island Tenants insurance protect your personal items, it will also give you help with addditional living expenses and personal liability protection . PEI Tenants insurance from Peake & McInnis Ltd. can help protect you in case of a liability lawsuit against you. This could occur in a situation where you are held responsible for:

  • Bodily Injury including sickness, disease and death to another person
  • Damage to another person's property including its loss of use .(whether the incident occurred within your rented residence or elsewhere)

The Personal Liability section of a Tenants insurance policy will respond to any civil action seeking Compensatory damages. The cost of preparing and conducting a defense in an legal action can easily mount into tens of thousands of dollars no matter how frivolous or fraudulent the action, this alone is a good reason to purchase a Prince Edward Island Tenants Insurance policy from Peake & McInnis Ltd. today.

Personal Property covered by a Prince Edward Island Tenants Insurance?

Think of the costs associated with having to replace everything you own in your apartment. What if you came home tomorrow and your apartment had burned down? Where would you go? How would you pay to replace your clothing, furniture, and appliances? When you ask yourself what Tenants insurance covers, you can say yes to all of the above.

Tenants insurance can cover all of your personal property. The limit of coverage is selected by you on a tenants insurance policy, keep in mind it covers all of your personal possessions furniture , appliances, dishes, jewelry right down to the socks in your drawers. Items such as computers, jewelry, business property, furs, watercraft, money & securities, collectible items, sporting equipment, students temporarily away and firearms usually have special limits of coverage mostly dealing with theft or off premise situations, but can be covered with an agreed value on scheduled protection. Get free Home Inventory software from the Insurance Bureau of Canada, Know Your Stuff®

Additional Living Expense make a stressful time a little less stressful

If you cannot live in your rental if repairs are being made after an insured loss, your tenant insurance will also help to cover your temporary increased living expenses with Additional Living Expense coverage, for things like moving costs, a hotel room, restaurant meals, storage and more. Additional Living Expense are usually 20% of personal property limit insured on a Peake & McInnis Ltd tenant insurance policy.  Contact us today at 902-566-5534 for your free quote.

Your PEI Tenants insurance policy from Peake & McInnis LTD will include:

  • Personal property protection
  • Personal liability protection
  • Additional living expenses
  • Additional protection

Get a Prince Edward Island Tenants Insurance Quote Today!

Don’t be left in the dark without coverage. Let the Peake & McInnis Ltd. team tailor a Tenants insurance policy that’s right for you today, fill out the quick and easy Protection Savings Form right now. A Peake & McInnis LTD expert will provide you with the best possible quote in no time.