DAS Legal Expense Insurance

Prince Edward Island DAS Legal Expense Insurance

A Legal Expense Insurance policy is the perfect policy to pair with your current Commercial General Liability policy. It’s exactly what you need to fill so many coverage gaps. As a business owner there are many legal issues that can cause unnecessary stress. Did you budget for a legal dispute? Have you ever ignored taking legal action because of the financial risk and uncertainty of outcome? It can cost up to $400 dollars an hour to hire a lawyer and only about 27% of businesses have actually budgeted these costs. So are you worried yet? Well this is the solution for you!

With a Peake & McInnis DAS legal expense policy you will be protected from costly legal expenses, it will allow you to defend or pursue your legal rights and if it couldn’t get any better it gives you unlimited access to legal advice at any time! Getting advice at any time will also have no effect on your premium. This policy will give you the confidence and peace of mind to take control of your business without any worry of endangering your finances. 

So let’s talk specifics, this is what’s covered:

  • Breach of contract disputes for buying or selling goods and providing or obtaining services.
  • Debt collection for selling goods or services
  • Employment disputes for breach of employment contract or employment legislation
  • Defense for investigation and or prosecution for business-related criminal or occupational health and safety offences
  • Statutory license protection when a business license is suspended, cancelled or not renewed
  • Pursuing legal action for trespass, nuisance or damages to the business property
  • Pursuing legal action for bodily injury caused by a third party
  • Income or sales tax audits or appeals

These things are not covered:

  • Wilful or Fraudulent acts
  • Non business-related criminal acts
  • Highway traffic offenses (available under a DASTransport policy)
  • Bodily injury or property damage claims brought against the insured business by a third party

Legal Expense Insurance Claims examples:

A shopkeeper performed a citizen’s arrest on a shoplifter and was charged criminally. The trial alone would have cost him in the region of $10,000 a day.

An employee has been sued for allegedly failing to comply with privacy legislation. There is no reasonable prospects requirement for the Legal Defence cover and therefore even if a policyholder is guilty, our lawyers can help to mitigate fine, sentence etc.

A client incorrectly alleges that a company did not provide all the services agreed upon and so has refused to pay his account

A restaurant inspector has cited a restaurant for serving an underage customer and has suspended its operating license.

The PST department would like to audit all the invoices of a company to confirm that the correct amount of PST was remitted back to the government.

These are just a couple examples of what would be covered under your policy! So don’t wait this policy will not only insure you for legal expense if they were to arise but it will give you access to so much information and advice. It’s an investment you will not regret! Check out these customer testimonials!


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