Prince Edward Island Boat Insurance

Powerboats and Sailboats

Boating is about having journeys and creating lasting memories. Peake & McInnis LTD makes sure you have the comfort and confidence you need to enjoy your time on the water with friends and family. If your just floating around the picturesque Charlottetown Harbor or cruising towards the Bras d'or Lakes we have a leading option for watercraft insurance, Peake & McInnis LTD can provide a program designed to meet the individual needs of PEI boating enthusiasts.

Best-in-class coverage available such as:

  • Agreed value coverage –Our PEI customers don't get caught short with policies that depreciate the value of their boat. (Dependent on age of vessel)
  • Available guaranteed replacement coverage –To get you back on the water with the type of boat you know.
  • No distance limits for trailering the boat –Gives yous more options for your next journey.
  • Expanded navigation limits available –Enabling you to experience new journeys –including out of country.
  • Liability coverage up to $2 million –Protecting you even more.
  • Claims free discount –A valuable way to be rewarded for safe boating.   

Prince Edward Island Boat Insurance Covers:

  • Outboards – Inboards – Runabouts – Cuddy Cruisers
  • Cabin Cruisers – Trawlers – Pontoon Boats – Sailboats

At Peake & McInnis LTD, we will protect you, your boat and your passengers with the precise Prince Edward Island boat insurance needed for your vessel.

Peake & McInnis LTD Your Prince Edward Island Boat Insurance Expert

As serene as the water appears is when a storm will rear up or another boat will lose an engine in the marina and collide into you. A boating accident can ruin your peace of mind, finances and in the worst , it can take a life. Remember Hurricane Juan in 2003, devastating the Atlantic Region. For the price of a few dollars a month, Peake & McInnis LTD can protect you against the calamities that can occur on the water or to your vessel.

Complete the Protection Savings Form right now, before that boat launches. The professionals at Peake & McInnis LTD will contact you with boat protection that will pay for itself in peace of mind as well as dollars and cents.

Peake & McInnis Ltd. has been providing Islanders with the most current and comprehensive insurance policies, packages and rates on Prince Edward Island since 1912. We have the experience and perspective to provide an insurance solution for the novice or experienced buyer. Our competent and proficient staff are prepared to answer your questions and concerns with a sincere and personal approach.