Peake & McInnis LTD Winery Program


Peake & McInnis LTD Winery Program coverage features are tailored to the Canadian Winery operators. Property is insured for All Risks on a replacement cost basis. Bulk and bottled wine are valued at ultimate selling price.

Peake & McInnis LTD.  offers coverage for Property of Every Description on the premises, including sub-surface irrigation systems, with Stated Amount Waiver of Co-insurance. We also cover mobile agricultural equipment both on and off the premises in the Peake & McInnis Ltd. Winery Policy.

Additional coverages include:  

  • Leakage of Contents $25,000
  •  Infestation Coverage $25,000
  •  Stock Spoilage - Extended Form (100km) $250,000
  •  Stock Contamination $250,000 
  •  Brands and Labels $10,000
  •  Professional Fees $100,000
  •  Accounts Receivable $50,000
  •  Valuable Papers and Records $50,000
  •  Sales Representative $10,000
  •  Business Income - Actual Loss Sustained up to 24 months
  •  Peak Season Increase - 25% Stock
  •  Special Event Cancellation Insurance. $25,000
  •  Mortgage Rate Guarantee
  •  Sewer Back-Up, Flood, and Earthquake coverage.
  •  Direct Damage Equipment Breakdown coverage includes non-production and production equipment and business income on an Actual Loss Sustained Basis. Coverage will also be provided for spoilage.
  • Demolition & Increase Cost of Construction $1,000,000
  • Errors and Omissions $100,000
  • Hazardous Substances Limit (including Mould) $100,000
  • Water Damage Limit $100,000
  • Ammonia Contamination $100,000
  • Professional Fees $100,000

Peake & McInnis LTD Commercial General Liability coverage ensures we provide enhanced coverage specifically tailored to the winery operations including 'Tasting' and Restaurant operations. Canadian winery operations with sales outside of Canada, including the United States and overseas, whether direct to the public, or through the internet will qualify.

  • Each Occurrence $5,000,000
  • Personal and Advertising Injury $5,000,000
  • Products and Completed Operations Aggregate $5,000,000
  • General Aggregate $5,000,000
  • Fungi Or Spores $250,000
  • Tenants Legal Liability (Broad Form) $1,000,000
  • Products Recall Expense ($2500 dedt) $100,000
  • Employers Liability
  • Employee Benefits E&O - Claims Made $1,000,000
  • Limited Pollution - 120 HRS $1,000,000  
  • Non Owned Automobile $5,000,000

Peake & McInnis Ltd looks to insure Canadian private sector wineries, who want ongoing confidence their business is protected. Outstanding claims service and long term relationships are part of our success. We work to earn and maintain the trust and loyalty of policyholders.