PEI Salon Insurance &  Barber Insurance

If you operate a Hairstyling operation on Prince Edward Island you are probably very busy booking clients and running your business. Insurance is not your area of expertise but that's where we can help at Peake & McInnis Ltd. we have package policies designed specifically for your type of operation. We can tailor this package to what you need so you don't pay more than what is necessary to protect your businesss.

Styling and cutting hair is an intimate activity you engage in with your clients. In this sensitive environment, you need to have protection from liability exposures that can hurt your business.

Hairstylist insurance and barber insurance in Prince Edward Island from Peake & McInnis Ltd. protects you from general liability in the rare case that a client suffers bodily injury. You will be considered a Professional in your line of work so Professional Liability Insurance is a must in case damages are sought as result of your actions or inactions. The equipment and stock you use in your business needs to be insured to a proper level that lets you know if something terrible happens you can replace and continue to do what you do best. 

PEI Hairstylist insurance and  barber insurance is affordable and necessary. You can build an Hairstylist Policy that's right for you and simply focus on what's important to your business.

You may feel that you are already fully protected by your general business insurance policy. But your business is unique and you need a salon and barber insurance policy from Peake & McInnis Ltd. that protects you from its unique risks.

Here are two reasons to get started right now!

  1. Make sure that you and your employees are protected from any lawsuits that could close your business.
  2. Get started right away with a no-risk quote. Just fill out this short form and we'll get back to you with a salon and barber insurance policy that is affordable and offers you full protection.

Peake & McInnis have been providing Islanders with the most current and comprehensive insurance policies, packages and rates on Prince Edward Island since 1912. We have the experience and perspective to provide an insurance solution for the novice or experienced buyer. Our competent and proficient staff are prepared to answer your questions and concerns with a sincere and personal approach.