Prince Edward Island Convenience Store Insurance

Get The Right Coverage at The Right Price!

Your busy scheduling staff, ordering stock, promoting your business and the other million things you need to get done everyday. Convenience Store Insurance is something you need but it is not at the top of your to-do-list right now. That's where the Team at Peake & McInnis Ltd. can help to prevent a uninsured loss by avoiding any gaps in coverage in your busy Retail operation. We have package policies designed to meet your needs at a very competitive cost and we can tailor the package to suit your individual operation so you don't waste money on what you don't need. Protect your business with Convenience Store Insurance

As a convenience store operator in Prince Edward Island, your concerns are:

  • Protection Gaps. This is where a portion of your operation is unprotected. This could cost you your store.
  • Spending Too Much on Insurance. This is a waste of your hard-earned dollars.

Let us help you check this off your to-do-list, contact Peake & McInnis LTD. today. It is our business to take care of your protection gaps and to find the right amount of coverage at the right amount of premium for you.

First, we will review your business operations including any recent services you are offering. We will make sure they are adequately protected.

Second, we will provide you loss control ideas designed to reduce the risks of possible losses before they happen keeping your Convenience Store Insurance costs stable over the long run.

The coverage's you will need to consider as a Convenience Store operator are as follows:

  • Building - if you own the building you will need to insure it. If you lease or rent be sure to check your rental agreement because you may be responsible for some or all of the coverage on your space.
  • Contents - this coverage is your equipment, stock , furnishings, tools, utensils and if you are not the building owner you need to include value of your tenant improvements in this limit of insurance.
  • Business Interruption Insurance - this coverage will pay fixed costs and profit that would have been earned if you are shut down due to an insured loss. There are many variations of this coverage it can include employees or just key employees or no employees , it can provide product impairment coverage, it can be set up on a contingent form if you have one main supplier of product who shuts down due to an insured loss, you can buy just extra expense to cover any increased costs you have if a loss is suffered. The team at Peake & McInnis Ltd. will help you tailor the right coverage for your operation.
  • Crime Insurance - this coverage provides for a hold-up inside your premises or while you are outside your premises doing a deposit for example. It can also cover counterfeit currency , computer fraud and the most common employee theft.
  • Commercial Liability - this coverage will protect you from any third party bodily injury or third party property damage your operations or products may cause to someone or their property. This is more than slip and fall coverage, as well as covering your premises it also will cover the products you sell and any injury or damage they may do. One of the best values in this coverage is it will cover the cost to defend you even if a claim is falsely made against you.
  • Equipment Breakdown - this cover will extend to refrigeration equipment breakdowns and electrical surges among other things. This coverage is very inexpensive and a must to properly protect your equipment.

Other optional coverages available at Peake & McInnis Ltd. are Environmental Protection, Flood, Earthquake, Wrongful Dismissal, Group Benefits

Peake & McInnis LTD: Your Prince Edward Island Convenience Store Insurance Experts

Peake & McInnis LTD. have been providing Islanders with the most current and comprehensive insurance policies, packages and rates on Prince Edward Island since 1912. We have the experience and perspective to provide an insurance solution for the novice or experienced buyer. Our competent and proficient staff are prepared to answer your questions and concerns with a sincere and personal approach.

To start to realize savings on your insurance, complete the Protection Savers Form today. You will be contacted by a Convenience Store Insurance expert at Peake & McInnis LTD. After a brief discussion of your needs and objectives, we will craft an insurance program customized for your establishment. There will no protection gaps and we will begin plans to keep your insurance costs low immediately!