For thousands of years, it’s helped mankind survive and thrive.
But, when it comes to your property, fire…it’s simply not good for business.
Fire can wreak havoc on your building. We can Help commercial and residential building owners develop a full understanding of their exposure – a fire assessment plan
is a good place to start. You can take steps to prevent or mitigate fire damage in your building simply by understanding the risks better.

In Canada, the top five causes of fire are:

1. Electrical Distribution Equipment
2. Flammable/Combustible – liquid and/or gas ignition
3. Cutting/Welding Equipment
4. Heating Equipment Related
5. Human Error

We can send you a Monthly Fire Risk Checklist that will help you understand what areas of your building’s operations are most at risk for fire damage.

A few key fire damage facts to consider:

•Smoke alarms save lives; providing early detection and warning of a fire allowing occupants time to get out of the building. Diligently check smoke alarms
 and make sure that they are always in working order.
•Housekeeping is key. Don’t feed a fire! Keep all areas inside and outside of your building free from debris and build up.  
•Ensure fire prevention equipment is maintained, ready and accessible when needed. Regularly inspect your:
                                                        - extinguishers
                                                        - stand pipes and hoses
                                                        - siamese connections
                                                        - sprinklers
                                                        - fire suppression systems
•Fires in dumpsters are on the rise. Keep your dumpster away from your building so fire cannot spread from one to the other.

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