Water Damage

It's refreshing on a hot day, a lot of fun at the beach, but it can ruin camping trips...or seriously damage your building.
Should commercial building owners be worried about water damaging their buildings? Yes!
Water is the number one cause of property damage for Canadian commercial building owners – damage can include sewer backup or burst pipes, or issues with plumbing
and roofs.
Fortunately, there are steps commercial building owners can take to prevent or mitigate water damage:

•Severe weather patterns in Canada are on the rise; with this comes the increased risk of water damage to all buildings.
•4 signs of possible sewage back-up are:
                    - sewage odour
                    - wet areas on the property
                    - slow fixture drains
                    - gurgling drain noises

•Heads up! Cleaning debris from eavestroughs and keeping an eye on soil moisture levels around the building are simple ways to keep buildings protected.
•Watch your water bill - unexpected increases in your water bill might mean you have a leak on your hands.

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