8 Boat and Yacht Safety Tips for the Maritimes

As we get closer to getting our boats on the water, I wanted to share these safety tips with you!

PEI BoatingIf you live in the Maritime Provinces you are very lucky. We have some of the finest boating, most breathtaking scenery, and exceptional fishing in the world. Is it no wonder boating is such a popular pastime here? However, it is very important to stay safe on the water, and here are some helpful safety tips to make your yacht and boat experience even better.

  1. Check all Paperwork before Leaving
    Before you launch make sure you have your boating registration and other important papers like boat insurance, fishing permits and radio license. If you are stopped by local authorities you'll have fewer problems when all your papers are in order.
  2. Be Aware of the Weather
    You should check the local forecast but also consider bringing a radio that can receive Weatherradio Canada. This is a public broadcast weather channel which keeps you updated on all the latest weather happenings. You never know when the weather will change, and it's good to have the latest news and events. In Charlottetown, the weather channel can be found at 162.400 on the dial.
  3. Make Sure Everyone Has a Life Jacket On
    Having enough life jackets for all passengers (including yourself) is important. However, it does little good if your vessel suddenly capsizes or hits something and people are not wearing life jackets. Make it a rule, that everyone must wear a life jacket while riding with you or they cannot go. If people follow this simple rule, it can save lives.
  4. Keep Your Keys on a Floating Keychain
    What are you going to do if you accidentally drop your car or boat keys overboard? When this happens, there is a good chance you'll never see them again and you could be stranded on the water or at the pier. To avoid this, make sure your keys are attached to a fishing bobber or something which floats. This will make it much easier to retrieve your keys should they make it into the water.
  5. Check Your Engine
    If your boat has a motor, always check it out before you leave. Make sure it has sufficient oil, fuel, and there are no visible problems. Also, check to see if fuel lines are not hard and brittle. These simple checks can make a difference between engine trouble and a smooth boating experience.
  6. Check Batteries
    Make sure all your battery cables are free of corrosion and cracks. This includes deep cycle batteries. Also, check to see that all battery connections and terminals are tight.
  7. Don't Bring Alcohol with You
    If you want to drink, wait until you get on shore and everyone is safe. Many people take unnecessary chances when they drink alcohol and this can greatly increase the odds for injuries.
  8. Allow For the Unexpected
    You can never be sure what lies just around the bend or what can happen in the water. You wouldn't dream of driving your car without liability insurance and you should also have boating insurance to cover accidents. Even the smallest of vessels can be involved in major accidents, so make sure you have these things covered.

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