Directors & Officers Liability - Demystifying Management Liability

What is Directors & Officers Insurance?

  • Directors & Officers Liability is the personal liability assumed by a director officer of an organization solely due to their position within the organization.

  • Personal Liabilities may arise in tort, in contract or as a result of Statutory provision.

  • Directors & officers may be held jointly and severally liable with their corporation as well as with their fellow directors and Officers.

Why do Directors and Officers policies exist?

  • Times have changed…we are becoming a more litigious society.

  • Directors and Officers do not want to risk their personal financial security from any claims against themselves or their families.

  • Organizations cannot afford to finance claims and/or lawsuits against themselves or their Directors and Officers.

  • Other policies leave gaps in coverage:

  • Commercial General Liability policy excludes coverage for financial loss against the organization and/or its directors and officers for wrongful acts.

  • Errors & Omissions policy includes the financial loss but only with respect to professional services rendered (i.e. professional liability), D&O insurance  is not meant to cover liability for professional services rendered.


What reasons would there be to have Directors & Officers Insurance?

  • In the event of a claim, it helps to prevent serious disruption to management’s time.
  • It provides protection against potential loss of personal assets.

  • It protects corporate assets from the costs of expensive legal proceedings.

  • It provides access to claims and legal personnel in this field of expertise.

  • Awareness of D&O claims potential will improve corporate governance to mitigate future loss exposures.

  • It provides a framework for a focused corporate strategy for dealing with claims allegations and lawsuits.

  • Premium is paid by the organization, not the individual director and officers.

  • Protection against past wrongful acts that have gone undetected via unlimited retroactive coverage.


What does Directors & Officers Insurance cover?

Coverage for past, present, future directors, officers, and their spouses, employees, volunteers, trustees and committee members for claims made against them and/or the organization for which they are providing services

Note: Independent contractors are not covered.

The coverage's encompass defense costs as well as settlements and judgments.

Coverage is often triggered from the following allegations:

Mismanagement of funds
Errors, misstatements
Libel/slander, breach of duty
Employment wrongful acts

Coverage is provided for compensatory damages stemming from economic or financial losses.

The policy provides sever-ability – protection for individual directors and officers from the actions of others.

Who makes claims against Directors and Officers?

Employees or volunteers for:

Wrongful termination
Breach of employment contract
Harassment / humiliation
Defamation of character (libel/slander)
Adverse employment conditions (safety)

Clients,shareholders or members for:

Misappropriation of funds
Defamation of character (libel/slander)
Breach of fiduciary duty (dishonesty/fraud)
Contract disputes

Suppliers, contractors, creditors for:

Contract disputes
Conflict of interest
Business interference
Breach of fiduciary duty
Copyright / patent infringement

Government or regulatory bodies for:

Failure to deduct and remit employees contributions as required by the Canada Income Tax Act.
Failure to comply with provisions of federal Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act.

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