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Preparing for Your Boat's Maiden Voyage

The first cruise of the year is something special. Maybe she has been sitting all winter and you need to get her ready. Perhaps you have just bought her and plan to show her off to friends and family. You'll want to make out a check list of things to do to make sure she is ready. Here are some tips to ensure your maiden voyage goes off without a hitch this year.

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8 Boat and Yacht Safety Tips for the Maritimes

If you live in the Maritime Provinces you are very lucky. We have some of the finest boating, most breathtaking scenery, and exceptional fishing in the world. Is it no wonder boating is such a popular pastime here? However, it is very important to stay safe on the water, and here are some helpful safety tips to make your yacht and boat experience even better.

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What If Your Boat Doesn't Have An Epic Name?

Naming your boat is a tradition that should not be taken lightly. Seafarers and boaters are a superstitious lot, especially in maritime regions like PEI. 

But sometimes, you know, you just have to change a name. Perhaps the vessel or craft you acquired has an existing name that has bad connotations for you or your family. Perhaps you plain hate it. Or maybe you're not superstitious! With these tips you can change up your boat name in style.  Peake & McInnis LTD, your PEI boat insurance specialists.

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