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Motorcycle Your Way to Adventure -- the Safe Way!

Even before you mount a bike, it's important to be properly dressed -- that is, in the right, protective gear.  Even longstanding, experienced riders need to keep up with advancing biking safety tech and checking their gear for wear and tear and possible replacement.  Let's do a quick run through of the main motorcycle safety equipment needed.

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Safer Motorcycling Means More Fun

Motorcycle riders in Canada -- of whom there are more than 670,000 -- are at least 15 times more likely to be involved in a crash than car drivers.

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How to Sharpen your Motorcycle Awareness

It's easy to overlook the presence of motorcyclists -- and their vulnerability. Not surprising then that two thirds of auto/motorcycle collisions are usually the fault of the car driver.  Take a moment to read these helpful motorcycle awareness tips while out driving, it could save a life!

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