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PEI Landscaping 101

Learn the basics of gardening for your PEI home or Cottage.  From zones to plant types and tools, learn the basics for your landscape project.

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Preventing and Dealing With Winter's Water-Laden Legacy

Great tips to protect your home this winter. Water damage is one of the biggest threats, from the effects of bursts, overflowing rivers and creeks or related sewer backup damage. Peake & McInnis are your Home Insurance experts in PEI.

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Make Sure You Know What Your Condo Insurance Policy Covers

Despite the slump in the real estate market in recent years, many people find condominiums an attractive alternative to owning a separate dwelling. Typically, the condominium association is responsible for much or all of the building's maintenance. The selling price may be more affordable than free-standing homes in the same neighborhood. The structure may be younger and in better condition than separate dwellings in the same price range. For these reasons, owning a condo makes sense for many. Those who choose condos over separate dwellings, however, need to understand the proper way to insure their investments. While similar in many ways to homeowner's insurance policies, condominium unit owner policies have some significant differences. The most obvious difference is the subject of the insurance. A homeowner's policy insures against damage to a house and other structures on the property, such as an unattached garage or a fence. A condominium policy insures against damage to the condo unit, including altera ...
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Why Condo Owners Need Insurance

If you own a condominium, you may think you don’t need insurance protection. Think again. Although your condominium association offers a “master” insurance policy that covers the building and commonly owned property, this insurance probably does not protect your upgrades, furnishings and other belongings.

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Ice Dams

What is an ice dam?
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